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We Mobilize Businesses, Not Just Goods

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“The knowledge, training and experience I

obtained while working with Trinity Freight Services LLC was enough for me to embark on Logistics in a fashion that fits my lifestyle in addition to providing financial gain.”   

Marcus Finley

Finstar, Owner

“Towana Bryant has been monumental in the success of Armstrong Trucking & Transport. She brought us in during the early stages of building a small business and personally guided us through each step of the Trucking and Logistics industry...”   

Kevin Armstrong

Armstrong Trucking & Transportation, Owner

“I must say that the introduction and experience brought about by Towana Bryant and Trinity Freight Services, LLC definitely planted seeds for my current happiness and success. I am truly grateful and I look forward to witnessing her continued thriving success!”   

Allegra Ellis

AE Logistics, Owner

Trinity Freight Services has contributed over $150,000 to the economic growth of businesses nationwide. Our strategic partnerships have led to expansive success in the logistics industry and other industries for both TFS and our partners.

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